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Defer Immunophenotyping with TransFix

Samples for flow cytometry analysis degrade rapidly after collection, affecting the immune profile of sample. TransFix® is added at the point of collection, and allows for an extended time frame for flow cytometric testing. Useful for:

  • analysing fragile samples such as cerebrospinal fluid
  • batching or shipping samples to other sites
  • and those awkward samples that come in late on a Friday.

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Meet the TransFix family

TransFix is available in multiple formats to suit your needs:

TransFix bulk

Just TransFix. Lends itself to multiple applications and gives greatest flexibility to the user. We recommend adding 1-part TransFix to 5-part sample for most applications.

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TransFix Sample Storage Tubes

A 1.2ml screw-cap tube pre-filled with 0.2ml TransFix. Simply add 1ml of sample already collected on anticoagulant if required, and mix by inversion.

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TransFix/EDTA CSF Sample Storage Tubes

Optimised for samples with low cell numbers, the CSF tubes contain 0.2ml TransFix/EDTA for collection of 1-2ml CSF.

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TransFix/EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

Blood collection tubes pre-filled with TransFix and K3 EDTA to directly collect blood. Minimal sample handling at the point of collection.

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Circulating Tumour Cell TransFix/EDTA Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes

Optimised Blood collection tubes to directly collect blood for downstream CTC isolation or characterisation.

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