News 2019 / 3

New update of Infinicyt™ version 2.0
release May 30th 2019

Among the improvements included in this version, we would like to highlight:

EuroFlow™ LST Database
Automated analysis of peripheral blood samples processed following EuroFlow™ SOPs and stained with EuroFlow™ LST combination.

EuroFlow™ LST tube is one of the most widely used screening tubes in clinical laboratory routine. Automated analysis of LST samples is really useful for clinical labs following EuroFlow™ SOPs and using LST antibody combination:

  • Reliable and reproducible classification of normal and pathological lymphocytes efficiently orientating towards the most appropriate characterization panel.

  • Automatic Report with clinically relevant comments and conclusions.

* Free access to EuroFlow™ LST Database with the purchase of Cytognos LST Kit.

EuroFlow™ PIDOT Database
We have included APS reference diagrams displaying lymphocytes subsets from the samples included in the already available EuroFlow™ PIDOT Database.

APS reference diagrams allow an intuitive and fast interpretation of the complete lymphoid compartment.

EuroFlow™ generated these diagrams in Infinicyt™ using a set of normal samples and determined the most discriminating projection into a single APS diagram.

A paper has recently been published including this information: Van der Burg, M, et al. The EuroFlow™ PID Orientation Tube for Flow Cytometric Diagnostic Screening of Primary Immunodeficiencies of the Lymphoid System. Front Immunol. 10:246 (2019)

* Free access to EuroFlow™ PIDOT Database with the purchase of Cytognos PIDOT Kit.

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